(Distributed by Saddlery Brands Int'l (Bates) Has HART Technology)

  • Beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail, you will turn heads in any Arena while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for you and your horse.
  • Classically crafted from European leather, the discerning rider will appreciate the elegance and quality of Arena Saddles.
  • Whether you are competing in dressage, tackling a difficult course of jumps or riding on the trail, there is a perfect Arena saddle for you.

Whether training at your barn or competing in the ring, you will appreciate the balanced and supportive seat on the flat and over the fences. Seated comfortably, you will effortlessly maintain your correct position, while turning heads in a saddle designed with fine attention to detail, complementing your meticulous turnout.

When your horse is your world, you’re in safe hands in a saddle with Horse and Rider Technology (HART).

The connection between horse and rider cannot be understood until experienced. It is what inspires us to realize your horse’s total comfort under saddle.

Imagine a saddle that can optimize your position, improve your riding, and gift your horse total comfort and freedom of movement now and into the future.

Discover what is possible in a saddle with the power to transform

  • your position
  • your horse’s freedom of movement
  • your connection
  • adjustability over time

You’re in safe hands in a saddle with Horse and Rider Technology (HART)!