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Cavalor Fruities and Sweeties

Cavalor Fruities and Sweeties are the perfect treat for health-conscious horses. These treats contain several different types of grains, as well as molasses and fruit extracts, for a tasty flavor your horse will love! Resealable bag for easy storage and lasting freshness.

Includes, but is not limited to: Maize, wheat, maize germ meal, barley, soya meal, sunflower seed meal, carob, fruit mix, cane molasses, soya bean oil, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Biotin, several macrominerals and trace minerals

Fruities are a healthy snack horses won’t be able to get enough of! Feed them as a reward for a job well done.


  • Wholesome ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Naturally flavored with fruits and berries
  • Delicious and sweet tasty treat
  • Easily storable in a resealable bag

Cavalor Fruities and Sweeties

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