Perfect Prep EQ Gold Paste

Tired of trying to find the perfect product? Look no further! Perfect Prep EQ Gold paste is a calming supplement that actually works! This calming supplement uses natural ingredients to create sustained relaxation and focus in horses during stressful conditions. No prohibited substances!

This unique formula offers the horseman the option of creating a quieter, more focused horse for extended periods of time, using only safe, proven and ethical ingredients. Gold Paste is slowly absorbed and its quieting effects become most apparent several hours after feeding. 

Directions for use: Administer 30cc the night before performance and 30cc the morning of performance. Maximum effects are evident after 6 hours and last for up to 18 hours. Repeat with additional 30cc to 60cc to maintain of increase desired effect. Effects are cumulative with repeated use. 

Loading Dose: Best results are reported when horses are fed one 60cc syringe of PERFECT PREP GOLD the night before targeted event.. Horses generally respond to one 60cc feeding 12 to 14 hours out, but more profound results are reported on difficult horses when the initial loading dose is followed by one or two additional 30 ml feedings. Repeat as needed. 

The effect of GOLD often lasts 36 or more hours, with each feeding building the level of response. Perfect Prep GOLD works well in combination with PERFECT PREP EQ EXTREME and Perfect Prep EQ TRAINING DAY. 


Magnesium, Inositol, Thiamine, Metaphan, Vitamin "BeHave" 

Perfect Prep EQ Gold Paste